Workshops @ Bangalorerobotics

The Workshops consist of four Modules. All modules are for 2 days each.

The Fee structure is as follows:


1) ROVER BOTs Basic Robotics workshop  Rs.2500/- per head
2) AQUA BOTS  Boat & Submarine principles Rs.2500/- per head
3) CREEPERS& CRAWLERS Walking robots: principles and design Construction of 4 legged Crawling Robot    Rs.2500/- per head
4) FLYING BOTS Aerodynamic principles, design of Gliding and Hovering models.
Construction of horizontal and vertical flying models.
Rs. 2500/- per head
5) BEAM ROBOTS Special Solar power Neural & Nervous network Robots. Rs.2500/- per head
6) WALKING ROBOT Humanoid Walking Robot- Principles,design & construction of a 4 legged Crawler Robot &  a 2 legged walking robot Rs. 4000/- per head


1. All the modules are hands-on Practical sessions and involve extensive physical construction and experimentation. The Kit consists of take-home materials used to construct the various Robots of the respective Modules. We do not cater to "Theory only" aspirants, as we believe that Theory can be picked up anywhere by you.

2. We are a dedicated Group with the firm commitment of educating the students with a Practical and Design oriented approach, without ensuing dependence. We do not follow a Class Room approach nor do we indulge in spoon feeding. We follow the    unconventional method where WE ALL learn together. We encourage interaction and individual ideas rather than a stereotype group    activity. Our Philosophy is to let you discover your talents yourself and to facilitate the process. Please consider these facts carefully before you register.Each module is for 2 days, from 9:00AM to 6:00PM. This should not include any Inaugural /Valedictory functions.

3. A minimum of 75 teams are required for any module. There is no upper limit. A team may consist of 1 student, preferably and not exceeding 2 students.

4. There are no entry constraints, except interest; students from all streams and semesters can attend the Workshop.

5. The Take-Home Workshop Kit contains all materials necessary for the relevant Modules. It includes Electronic components,  Remote control units, DC Motors, Motor controllers and other materials needed for construction of the respective modules..

6. Dates for the Workshop must be booked with a Payment of Rs.10,000/ bank deposit. The complete amount must be payable atleast 2weeks before the Workshop date,.

7. Please contact me via 09945969964 for any clarifications or on GTALK

Please ask for our detailed analysis of Team & Group Dynamics before deciding on the minimum number of students per Team.





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