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"Our aim is to propagate Robotics as a Technical Hobby for students.

There are thousands of organizations, each with a specific purpose or goal."

Welcome to BangaloreRobotics

We are a dedicated Group with the firm commitment of educating the students with a Practical and Design oriented approach, without ensuing dependence.

  •                                          Team BangaloreRobotics- Prize @ ROBOSUB 2014, USA.
  • We do not follow a Class Room approach nor do we indulge in spoon feeding. We follow the unconventional method where WE ALL learn together.

  •                                    Dalian Univ., China, AUV/ROV Robotics Workshop, 16-24 Nov 2015
  • We encourage interaction and individual ideas rather than a stereotype group activity. Our Philosophy is to let you discover your talents yourself and to facilitate the process.

  •                                        Dalian Univ., China, AUV/ROV Robotics Workshop, 2014
  • We firmly believe that no science is beyond any age or qualification. We have proved this 1000s of times, since 33yrs of being associated with students and people of from all walks of life.